Mammoth Cave National
Park lays claim to being the
longest cave system in the
world, and with 90 percent
of the park system within its
boundary, only Edmonson
County can lay claim to the
splendor of Mammoth Cave
National Park.

As you drive and walk
through the parkland,
you will marvel at the raw beauty
of the central-Kentucky wilderness.

But what you see here is just the surface,
for beneath your feet lies 350 miles of continuous
caves, from tiny crawlspaces to vast rooms larger
than sports stadiums, with multicolored crystal
expanses and an underground river flowing through it.


For cave tour reservations,
call 1 (877) 444-6777, or browse
on the Internet to Recreation One-Stop,
an E-government initiative at


Like the Grand Canyon
and Niagara Falls, the spectacle
of Mammoth Cave is one of
Earth's natural wonders that must be
seen and enjoyed by every individual.


For a Mammoth Cave guide,
cave tour tickets, park news,
special events, maps and more
call the park at 1 (270) 758-2180,
or visit the web site: by clicking here.