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Edmonson County is located on the Green River near the western edge of Mammoth Cave National Park in south central Kentucky.  It is about 75 miles northeast of Nashville, Tennessee, and about 90 miles southwest of Louisville, Kentucky.

Edmonson County was formed in 1826. As of 2007, the population was 11,978. The county is named for Captain John Edmonson (1764-1813), a veteran of the American Revolutionary War who was killed at the Battle of Frenchtown during the War of 1812. The sale of alcohol is currently prohibited in Edmonson County.

The county seat is Brownsville (population: 921), which is in the Central time zone.

Edmonson County has a total area of 308 square miles, of which 303 square miles (785 km2) is land and 5 square miles (13 km2) is water.

Recreation is the area keys on Mammoth Cave National Park, which has perhaps the world's most extensive cave system. Of course, there are above-ground attractions, such as a surface trail system that traverses the largest protected natural area in Western Kentucky. The Nolin and the Green rivers offer recreation opportunities of their own, and Nolin Lake is a major attraction


The Green River (shown) flows through Mammoth Cave National Park and takes its name from its pronounced green color, which is caused by the river's remarkable depth considering its modest width. Greenery along the river's edge reflects on the water more noticeably than with wider streams. The river drains the cave and controls the master base level of the Mammoth Cave system.






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