Edmonson County --- for Camping


Blessed with Nolin Lake, Green River and
Mammoth Cave National Park, Edmonson
County offers some of the finest camping
and hiking to be found anywhere in the world.
Whether you like to camp in primitive
circumstances or prefer having a restaurant
and swimming pool around, you will find
camping accommodations to suit every taste.
And whether you like to hike on manicured
trails or alone in the rugged wilderness,
Edmonson County has it all.

Nolin Lake State Park
(Formerly Briar Creek)
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See #24 at coordinates H-9 on map.

Cedar Hill Campground
With 100 camp sites, pool, lake & showers
See #25 at L-10 on map.


Double "J" Stables & Campgrounds
Located at the Mammoth Cave trailhead
See #26 at I-9 on map.


Mammoth Cave National Park
Primitive to full-service sites
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See #3 at K-10 on map.


Nolin Lake
300 US Army-maintained sites
See #4 at I-7 on map.

Nolin Lake State Park
Camping, swimming and beach area
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See #5 at H-9 on map.


Moutardier Marina & Campgrounds
160 scenic sites on Nolin Lake
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See #10 at H-8 on map.